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Dan Lee and Carly Walters,

Cultural Rajasthan Tour

8 Days | 7 Nights

Jaipur - Bikaner - Jaisalmer - Jodhpur - Ranakpur - Mount Abu - Mandawa

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There is a gust of romance in the air of Rajasthan. It is a region known for its rich heritage and its culture. There are so many famous places in Rajasthan that mostly for historical monuments, colourful cities, fascinating forts, palaces and temples.You will start your journey with Jaipur the capital city and most popularly known as the pink city, because of the colour of the stones used to build these walls of the buildings. This Jaipur bazar is the shopper’s delight

Day 1: Jaipur

First day you will arrive at the Delhi airport. You will be welcomed in a completely traditional manner. By car you will be driven to Jaipur where you will have to stay for two nights. Jaipur is also known as Pushkar. The morning breakfast will be served at 8. The day will start with a visit to Amir Fort the fort situated at the top of the Aravali hills. Then later after you can visit the Hawa Mahal. Then comes the Jantar Mantar - it is an amazing Astronomical Observatory. Raja Jai Singh built it in the 17th century.

Day 2: Jaipur - Bikaner

They next morning you can set out for Bikaner. In the afternoon, you can visit the Bikaner Fort and farms where breeding of camels is done. It can be called a royal city. It lies in the north of the Thar Desert. The fabulous desert strong hold was found out by Rao Bikaji. The city is always haunted by sand dunes. The city is famous for fast riding camels in the world. It is more popularly known as the camel country. There the only important source of water is the wells of Bikaner.

Day 3: Bikaner - Jaisalmer

The next day you will be driven to the Golden City of Rajasthan. A very small place by the pollution and darkness of the world. It is situated at the western borders of Rajasthan near the Thar Desert. It has spectacular golden fort of Jaisalmer which is made of yellow sand. In the evening the most visited point becomes the sunset point. It is the best place to witness the most spectacular sun set.

Day 4: Jaisalmer - Jodhpur

Next morning, you will visit Jodhpur. It is mostly famous by the name of The Sun City, known for fascinating history and Rajput tales of proud kings and brave warriors. When we reach Jodhpur it becomes too late so it is impossible for site seeing. Therefore, we stay in a hotel and start on our tour the next day. 

We start the tour by visiting the Meharanga Fort first the next day. It is a palace with long encraved panels and latticed windows. Its build with red sand. There is a fine collection of royal memorable armours and royal candles and jewelleries. The Jaswan Thandait is the next stop. It is a white marble cenotaph of Maharaj Jaswal Singh II. It has carved walls and lavishly decorated rooms. It has royal rooms with armours and secret chamber. There are notable flower palaces with beautiful painted walls. After that, you will visit Umaid Bhawan Palace. It is the only palace, which was built late, in the mid 20th century. It’s a palace museum house. It gives a marvellous example of the indo-colonial style. 

Day 5: Ranakpur/Mount Abu

After morning breakfast we start for mount Abu. It is known as the pilgrimage town for the Jains. It is renowned for marvellous Jain temples. These temples are amidst the Aravalli Ranges. It consists of Domes, pillars and carved stones.

Mount Abu a renowned hill station in India. It is placed at the borders of Rajasthan and Gujarat. 

Day 6: Udaipur

It is mostly known as the city of lake, it was founded by Maharaja Udai Singh. There are marble palaces with beautiful lavish garden. It makes Udaipur look like a mirage in the desert. One of the most famous lakes is known by the name of Lake Pikhola. It is one of the largest and most beautiful one. There are terraces and county yards with pavilions and hanging gardens. City palace is the largest complex of Rajasthan. It is situated looking magnificent on top of the hill surrounded by walls.

Day 7: Shekhawati (Mandawa)

It is a semi desert and the hometown of the Marwaris. It is colourful and fantasy. It is also known as the open air art gallery. This region is also known as the town of fort. As Marwari’s one of the India’s oldest communities. Most of the buildings are dated from the time of the 18th century to the early 20th century. At the afternoon tour we can visit world famous old paintings filled with rich culture. The place is surrounded with villages and we can see and feel the daily village life.

Day 8


The next morning you will have your breakfast. You will have the whole time to spend personally you can go for shopping; enjoy traditional food and the trend of the Rajasthan folk dance. Then you will come back to Udaipur as the Udaipur market is famous for excellent Rajasthan ornaments and handworks. Then after spending some time de will leave for the Airport and arrive for Delhi. 

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