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Khajuraho, the place which touches our hearts and gives wings to our imaginations. The scintillating feed of art in these temples has become great passion for art lovers who love to discover history's deepest secrets. The representation of sexual and erotica postures in the dip of religious place is still befuddling. It is renowned for their architectural splendor and marvelous stone carvings.

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Khajuraho is not only a place for art and religious faith; it is an electrifying destination which will transmute you eternally. Khajuraho is in the lap of Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India. It is an enthralling village filled a rich cultural ecstasy.

Till the 14th century, Khajuraho kept its significant religious precedence. Later on, it was largely disregarded. Still archeologists believe that its remoteness probably protected it from the profanation of Muslim conquerors generally inflicted on Hindu monuments and memorials across India during that era.

It is an illustrious tourist and archeologically drowned location. It is well known for its sculptured temples which are devoted to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Jain patriarchs. The temples got expanded over 21 sq. km. It carried about 85 temples constructed by many swayers.

There were around 85 original temples in Khajuraho constructed of hard river sandstone. Interiors and exteriors of the temples are extravagantly carven with excellent sculptures that are often sexually explicated and emoted. The temples are parted into three complexes. The western part is the biggest and the best known that contains the magnificent Shaivite temple Kandariya Mahadev. The temples have huge gopurams with pathways, connected to halls towards the East and a sanctum.

 After the enchanting Taj Mahal, Khajuraho is the most visited monument in India. It is the finest representation of Indo-Aryan architectural style.

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